Ducatus Curlandiae Duchy of Courland Herzogtum Kurland

The Duchy of Courland Herzogtum Kurland Ducatus Curlandiae

Flag of the Duchy of Courland

      Welcome to the Duchy of Courland!

The Duchy of Courland, a constitutional monarchy, is reigned by its Government in Exile, the Ducal Council of Courland. The Duchy's head of state and sovereign is His Highness the Duke of Courland. The actions of the Curonian government are guided by the human rights, which are guaranteed by our constitution.

The Duchy of Courland is a new society project and has no connections to the Republic of Latvia. It is our wish to create a better future by realising our vision of a better society. Using elements of the culture of the old Duchy of Courland is our way to reach our vision.

This vision for Courland is the vision of a peaceful, prosperous and progressive nation where honest and righteous people of all cultural backgrounds live and work together to form a better future for us all. Courtesy and respect for the fellow woman and man will be the corner stones of our society and are a basic requirement for every person interested in becoming a citizen. 

The Ducal Council believes in bringing political and social concepts tested by time together with more progressive concepts to form a nation that is not only progressive, but also a nation that will form its own traditions. Traditions, which will unite the Curonian people.

If you are interested in the legal basis of our nation, please feel free to take a look at our constitution.

The function of this website is to welcome new citizen to our cause, to coordinate the efforts of our people, to publish the proclamations of the Ducal Council and to offer information to the interested person.

The first offically by the Ducal Council sanctioned newspaper of the Duchy is a paper by the name of "The Courland Courier". Thus, if you are interested in the newest events happening in Courland, you are more than welcome to have a look at its page.

If you are interested in becoming a citizen of the Duchy you might want to look at the page of the Immigration Office. The Duchy gladly welcomes new citizens, no matter from which part of the globe they come from. If you are interested in becoming a citizen, we would advise you to look at the information given on these pages first to see if our aims are your aims. 

Your next step would be to have a look at the page of the Office of Immigration (OI), which will tell you the requirements for becoming a citizen.

You also will have to prove that you are person of honourable reputation and of honest word (to show that you are not a criminal), you will have to fill out a questionaire as part of our citizenship test. At the end, you will have to swear an oath to Our Highness, the Duke of Courland. After this, you can call yourself a citizen of our little nation.

Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail if you have any questions or any troubles with the process.

At last we would like to thank all our supporters! As a growing nation we are happy for every support we can get. That is why we would gladly welcome any suggestions you might have for us, as well as your personal support by deed or donation.

We hope you enjoy your stay on our website and we wish you well!

The Ducal Council of Courland